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CoinStats is the #1 free crypto portfolio tracking and management app and DeFi wallet. CoinMartetCap’s crypto portfolio tracker is similar to CoinGecko, with manual entry of transactions. CoinStats is a premium crypto portfolio tracker which gives DOGE you personalized crypto news, analytics, and the power to manage your portfolio on desktop and mobile. Today, the app tracks over 5,000 cryptocurrencies and is available on the entire Apple ecosystem.

Hedgehog is a portfolio manager that manages crypto currencies. In a volatile market, smart investing, responsible research, diversification are key. It is important to do your research, but it shouldn’t be difficult. We aim to provide institutional-grade tools to the everyday crypto investor.

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Unlimited, custom portfolio alerts via Telegram, email, or SMS Based on an algorithmic analysis of your holdings, discover new tokens. You can earn KEYFI rewards for staking KEYFI and USDC as well as liquidity on Uniswap or PancakeSwap. You can submit and vote for KeyFi platform governance proposals, without having to pay gas, by simply holding KEYFI tokens within your wallet.

  • You can view your portfolio by asset, exchange, or account.
  • Also, you can track your net worth across all connected exchanges and storage devices.
  • You can set up multiple alert types so you can quickly respond.
  • API keys allow you to easily see your balances across multiple exchanges.

Currently, more than $100m worth of assets are managed through the app. CoinStats has a mission is to empower people to effectively manage their crypto portfolio via an easy-to-use platform. Keeping track of your crypto portfolio can be difficult, especially if you hold assets in multiple exchanges or wallets. A crypto portfolio tracker can help you by integrating with the exchanges and wallets you’re using and tracking the value of your assets in real-time.

The pro version displays the good and bad investment decisions, fee breakdown, and more. I have had a great experience using this great crypto tool! Since I downloaded it about 1 week ago, I have almost forgotten my other coin trackers. Coinstats is very easy to use as a noob and I can assure you that you may likely have a similar testimony to share as feedback when you finally give it a try. There is also an option to connect other platforms eg ledgers!.

Resources and Guides About Crypto Portfolio Dashboards

What’s more, you can start for free for your first 200 transactions. Coinigy has a free forever plan which gifts an additional 30-day fully-featured trial comprising all its advanced features. However, you can also do manual entries in case a specific exchange isn’t listed. Finally, CoinGecko makes its case for the absence of some advanced features with a completely free experience. Conclusively, this is a better option for people with a diverse portfolio combining stocks, crypto, ETFs, bonds, etc.

Carbon is a social platform that offers all the benefits of other networks. We have integrated a great cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that allows you to add wallet addresses, make custom transactions, and monitor your balance. Carbon Portfolio is compatible with ERC20 as well as other chains like BSC. The ultimate portfolio management suite for cryptocurrency portfolios.

In this article, I am gonna be doing a general overview of an ideal portfolio tracker that could make life easy for you as a crypto-investor and the digital assets you. Nord Finance, a blockchain-agnostic platform, provides a decentralized financial ecosystem that simplifies decentralized products for users. It focuses on traditional finance’s key attributes and simplifies decentralized finance products. It is a multi-chain interoperability platform that integrates multi-chain interoperability. This allows for a variety of financial primitives such as savings, advisory loans against assets, investment/funds administration, swaps and more.

Buy And Trade Crypto with CoinStats

This CoinStats review assesses its pros, cons, features, security, and customer support, to help potential users decide if the app is right for them. With the combined power of AI/Automation, you can make your crypto investments easy. Our all-in one crypto platform provides many benefits to crypto traders and investors, allowing them to increase their crypto funds with minimal losses and risk. Our dynamic technical analysis tool is integrated into our platform to generate crypto signals.

coinstats login

For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

This is a very handy cryptocurrency portfolio management and tracking application that I recommend to anyone who is interested in investing in the crypto market. The user interface is clear and simple, making it easy to manage all your digital assets in one place. Crypto portfolio tracking apps connect to a variety of exchanges, wallets, and crypto services where you store or keep your crypto. You can integrate all of your platforms with the portfolio tracker to get a comprehensive view of your crypto gains, losses, and income.

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You will see a similar policy for adding crypto wallets. CoinStats also ensures that at every point in time, one can have an idea of the net profit and loss incurred on your digital assets in your portfolio. CoinMarketCap coinstats login does not support automatic integrations with exchanges and wallets. You’ll be required to enter all of your transactions into the platform manually. Gaining momentum on the CoinStats platform is truly rewarding.

Daily visits earn you Sparks and eventually rewards. My experience has been educational, fun and rewarding. The tracking feature also track your cryptocurrency, as well as, keeping you in the know. However, these are minor grievances when considering the overall proficiency and value the CoinStats platform provides. The free users can analyze the transaction history, coin split, and source.

You can connect your Liquid account to Coin Stats, which allows you to keep your portfolio up to date with any trades you make on Liquid. The platform is particularly friendly to the Ethereum ecosystem and any related ERC-20 tokens or decentralized apps . Finally, this is a very straightforward application and the best crypto portfolio tracker for minimalists.

Also, KRW South Korean won, JPY Japanese Yuen, RUB Russian Ruble and CNY Chinese Yuan. BTC Bitcoin, ETH Ether and LTC Litecoin are all available. With the most comprehensive crypto-native platform, you can confidently navigate the complex digital assets landscape.

Trading through Coinigy is free of any additional fees. After your trial period is over, we only charge you for the subscription you sign up for. Coinigy is GALA the best tool for bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.

The FIAT watchlist allows you to keep track of your favorite Crypto/FIAT trade pairs across a variety of major exchanges. To track your profit/loss against all the foreign currency FIAT you have invested, use the FIAT SUMMARY. Simply provide your public key to track all your Solana DeFi assets. You can track your DeFi performance on the Solana blockchain. We also want to share our vision for the future and what we hope to bring to the Solana ecosystem. Sonar Watch is now able to achieve its goal of becoming the reference in portfolio tracking, ecosystem summary, with the support of strategic partners.

How do I connect my CoinStats wallet?

  1. By inputting your wallet address.
  2. By scanning the QR code of your wallet (available on the mobile app only).

Moreover, Altrady tracks and displays important market news right into the dashboard. With Altrady, you create a password-protected vault for saving all your API keys. In addition, this crypto utility has options for authenticating specific devices and setting two-factor authentication. All user data is encrypted and stored locally on each device. Companies and startups in this collection leverage blockchain technology for crypto trading, decentralized finance , NFTs, and more.

Users that have a Coinbase account can actually use it to log in to CoinStats. New accounts can also speed up the registration process by using their Twitter, Facebook, Google or Apple accounts. You should always use the latest coinstats login version of an add-on. Start tracking Lighthouse scores and Core Web Vitals in minutes. We also set up monitoring for our staging site, so we can test the impact of performance optimizations before they reach production.

CoinStats is one of the most successful and trustworthy portfolio managers in the industry. It has a great reputation for security and customer service and is constantly bringing in new, innovative features. The support for NFT portfolios, in-house earning protocols and the new “Midas” program are all great services that make CoinStats in the top echelon of money trackers. Importantly, users can connect an unlimited number of portfolios and track up to a million transactions per month. The premium plan is intended for serious investors and includes a slew of powerful tools to help users get the most out of their crypto trading experience. This account type comes in at $9.99 a month if purchased annually, or $15.99 if paying month-to-month.



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Straightaway, the amount of information can be overwhelming to some but stay put, and you will receive tons of valuable insights. Altrady is an advanced trading and crypto portfolio platform that supports API integration and transactions entry through XLSX or CSV upload. You can rest assured to track every single investment with CoinTracker’s support of 300+ exchanges and over 10K cryptocurrencies. Based on the exchange, transaction import is supported with the API key or CSV upload. CoinTracker also managed to get a mention in our crypto tax software article.

Reasons why Solana [SOL] traders could go long this week – AMBCrypto News

Reasons why Solana traders could go long this week.

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When tax season rolls around, CoinLedger can help you generate a comprehensive crypto tax report with the click of a button. Still on a basic account I’m finding the app very well done and easy to use. I’ve connected 3 exchanges and now I wish to connect also my ledger account. I’d love to aggregate all my holdings in one easy place and have some stats.

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