Simon Cowell’s Downfalls with Brothers – One of Them Was Not Invited to His Wedding

Simon Cowell’s professional life as the creator of “American Idol,” “The X Factor,” and “America’s Got Talent” is immensely successful, but his relationship with his five brothers hasn’t always been the best.

Music entrepreneur Simon Cowell is well-known for his severe, unwavering criticism as well as his extraordinary ability to nurture musical potential. Simon’s recent engagement to Lauren Silverman, his long-time girlfriend and the mother of his son Eric, has brought his family history to the forefront.

The couple got engaged on December 24, 2021, and the wedding has become the focus of the fans’ attention since then. Unfortunately, Simon’s loving mother has died and will be unable to attend the ceremony she had hoped to attend. Even though their relationship hasn’t always been cordial, Simon Cowell has five siblings.

Simon Cowell was born in London in October 1959 to ballet dancer Julie Brett and property developer Eric Cowell, whose interests varied from property development to the music industry. Eric and Julie had two children: Simon and Nicholas, his younger brother. Eric was named after Simon’s father.

Simon has three half-brothers, John Cowell, Tony Cowell, and Michael Cowell, as well as a half-sister, June Cowell, from his father’s first two marriages. Lindsay Elizabeth Cowell is supposed to be their younger sister, however the relationship has not been officially established.

While Simon Cowell followed in his father’s footsteps in the music industry, his younger brother Nicholas Cowell went on to become a highly successful property developer. He began as an office boy at the age of 17 and learned the business from the ground up.

In 2004, Nicholas was involved in a TV series called “The Block,” in which couples compete to create the best decor on the same limited budget in the same block of apartments. Nicholas was one of the hosts, but the show didn’t turn out as successful as he had hoped.

It was alleged that the brothers had a falling out sometime in the past and hardly spoke for years. There have been rumors that Simon’s half-siblings are invited to Simon’s wedding but that Nicholas and his family are excluded from the guest list.

Simon’s oldest sister is actress June Cowell. Fans of vintage sci-fi classics will remember her as one of the eerie alien children from Wolf Rilla’s 1960 movie “Village Of The Damned.” Before that, she had small parts in “The Beasts of Marseilles” and “No Time for Tears.” At 15, June gave up acting. She explained:

“As a child, I had seen being picked up in a Bentley and taken to a film set as incredibly exciting, but as I grew older, I began to see a seedy side of showbiz I didn’t like. It seemed all about money, and it was full of leery men.”

June is divorced from her Spanish husband, Francisco del Mar, and lives in Palma de Majorca. She has two daughters, Luisa and Maria. She will attend Simon’s wedding at an as-yet-to-be-named date.

Tony Cowell is nine years older than his famous younger sibling and Eric’s child from his first marriage, but he loved Simon’s mom, Julie, whom he considered a second mother. He confessed:

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“When I first heard the news from Lauren at 4.30 am, I immediately thought of our mum, Julie. She would have been overjoyed with the news, and it’s sad to think she is not here to see her son finally tie the knot.”

Tony will be there, as he was when Simon received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018. He is a radio presenter and a writer, and he wrote “I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But…” and “The Secret Diary of Simon Cowell,” both books are about Simon.

Tony adores his younger brother and reveals that being vain and ambitious is a Cowell family trait. Nevertheless, Simon never wanted to be on TV and was pushed into it. Tony has a grown-up son, Luke, and revealed that fatherhood transformed his once rebellious and pleasure-loving brother’s life.

Michael and Simon Cowell Reunited after 17 Years

Michael Cowell is the oldest of the Cowell brothers, and he is 13 years Simon’s senior. Michael and the music mogul were estranged for years after a falling out in 1993, which lasted 17 years. Michael recounted that while on vacation in Spain, they both had feelings for the same female. He stated:

“I doubt he recalled her name after three weeks, and I certainly don’t remember it now. But when we returned to England, I was upset with him, and we didn’t speak.”

Michael used to aspire to be a musician, but he now works in real estate with his brother Nicholas and their father Eric, who resides in Buckinghamshire. James and Michael are his two sons.

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