He Became a School Janitor at the Age of 73 Just to See His Grandson

My daughter and I had always been like two peas in a pod, but one day she cut me off to start her own family. I had no idea what would bring us together years later.

For many years, my wife, Laura, and I had struggled to have a child. That all changed when Rachel, our baby girl, was born.

Laura’s health deteriorated after giving birth. “Promise me, Joseph, that you’ll move heaven and earth for our baby girl,” Laura said as she lay in the hospital.

Laura passed away not long after. I never remarried and devoted my life to Rachel. We were best friends for many years. I didn’t mind playing both the mother and the daughter.

As time passed, I could feel my daughter growing apart from me. She refused to watch football with me or accompany me on road trips.

When she turned 16, I tried to surprise her with a party, but she was unimpressed. “I just feel like you’re suff ocating me, Dad,” she explained.

“My darling. Take a look at yourself. I still can’t believe it.”

I only wanted to keep my promise to her mother and protect her. It became impossible to argue with her over time. I recall her expressing an interest in becoming a lawyer.

I thought it was just teen angst, but things got worse when she turned 18. Rachel informed me that she and her boyfriend, Dylan, were relocating to another state. I hadn’t even heard of this boy at the time.

“I assumed you wanted to go to college and get a law degree. What’s the big deal?” I inquired, puzzled. “Things change, father. I adore Dylan more than anything else. I didn’t tell you about him because you’re so enamored with me.” Rachel stated.

I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t figure it out.

“Dad, I need my college fund money so that Dylan and I can get settled in when we move,” she said. In anger, I refused her request. I told her I didn’t trust her new boyfriend and knew nothing about him.

My world came crashing down as Rachel packed her things and ran off.

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