NewIy discovered acappeIIa version of EIvis PresIey’s song “Mine” mesmerizes Iisteners onIine

What was your all-time favorite Elvis song? That is one of the most difficult questions about The King of Rock and Roll. The issue is that there are simply too many options.

During his peak, Elvis was regarded as a trendsetter and a rebel. He established rock and roll music and dazzled his fans with his outrageous outfits and funky dance moves. The super-talented ex-soldier had 18 songs that reached number one on the Billboard charts in the United States.

Although he had many energetic hits that had fans screaming and jumping, some of his songs revealed his darker side. Elvis recorded many heartfelt love songs that moved even the hardest hearts.

One of his greatest slow love ballads was the song Mine. Released in 1968, this song became an instant hit and became the soundtrack of many relationships that commenced afterward.

Now, you can watch a video online featuring the beautiful and gentle song Mine sung by the King himself. But there is a twist; if you would excuse the pun. The video features the acapella version of the song and not the original.

In this video, the piano, guitar, and drums are replaced by stunningly harmonic voices. The voices fit the song like a glove, and it generates goosebumps, especially more toward the end.

When you close your eyes and listen to the song, it is like you are swept away on a cloud, transcending time and space and landing in a place filled with pure love. Its videos like these make you appreciate the internet and music videos even more. Long live the King!

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