Steve MARTlN does stand-up comedy in this hilarious clip from Johnny Carson’s ‘Tonight Show.’

In this 1975 video clip from ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,’ the great comedian Steve Martin appears. When Johnny introduces him, he notices Martin’s ability to make people laugh.

Steve Martin takes the stage, shirt unbuttoned and a banjo strapped to his waist. Steve informs the audience that he is promoting a recent album he recorded. ‘I want you to know that I recorded an album, and three days from tonight…’ he says. ‘I’m going to GET RID OF IT!’

He tells them about the other night when he gave his cat a bath. He said the cat enjoyed it, but he had a lot of fur on his tongue afterward! The audience laughs once more!

Steve Martin starts to amaze the audience with his impressive banjo playing. He tells the audience how happy the banjo makes everything sound. Then, Steve starts complaining about the curtains on the show being wrong and the microphone being just not right. He pretends to be angry and then strikes the banjo to make everything sound happier!

He tells the audience they will play a joke on the viewers at home. When new viewers tune in every ten seconds, he suggests that he will tell a bad joke, and the audience will give him a standing ovation. The audience loves it and participates!

He serves up the bad joke saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny to come home with a TV and there’s a banana in it?!’ The audience cracks up and applauds wildly, continuing with the routine!

Martin sits down with Johnny and says to him, ‘I know what you’re going to say. Steve, how can you be so funny?’ Johnny rubs his eyes, laughing with tears! It’s a classic clip between two epic comedians.

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